RMA BlackBerry

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How to get service

Please call our contact center.

Our technical advisors will provide the service for the solution to the symptom of the equipment and generate the Case for the shipment for repair and follow-up of the smartphone, which will be provided to the customer


Once provided with the case number, the customer can register on the website

In order to send the smartphone for repair it is necessary to have the case number generated

The customer must prepare the smartphone for pick up following the recommendations provided by our Contact Center

It is the responsibility of the user to make a backup copy of the information contained in their smartphone, since all content (contacts, photos, calendar, apps, etc.) will be deleted from the smartphone during repair
It is neccesary for the user to have the FEDEX printed label when going to the post office
When visiting FEDEX for a shipment pick up, it is important to have handy photocopies of the proof of purchase and an official identification

After arriving at the Authorized Service Center

After arriving at the Authorized Service Center, the smartphone is physically inspected to ensure it complies with the warranty terms and conditions(For additional details click here for the Terms and Conditions).
In case that the smartphone is found to be out of warranty, the Service Center will contact the user by email and will indicate the process to follow. The user has the option to accept the repair and accept the charge for the repair and replacement; The user has the possibility to accept the repair by paying the cost of the repair and replacement; otherwise, the smartphone will be returned to sender.

Status follow-up

Our customers can follow and receive update notifications on our website via the “My repairs” option and via email by selecting the email option, using the email registered in their account.

Return and Receive

Once the smartphone is ready, it will be returned to sender.
It will be returned to the address or FEDEX office provided by the customer.

Help and Support

For any question or concern please contact us through any of our our different support channels https://www.blackberrymobile.com/support/ or by calling us 1-855-223-4034